Specially Formulated, Fortified (Naturally Chelated) Microelements

    There is no doubt in “organic farming” improves the farm profit with highly secured environmental security. “The range of organically grown food available in supermarkets and natural food stores has widened substantially” Catherine Greene,USDA.

Calcium is critical in plant cell division and is regarded as one of the most needed elements. Foliar feeding a
specially formulated liquid calcium concentrate is both the most effective and least expensive means of
delivering an adequate supply of calcium to plants. SUPER CAL 8 is a water soluble 100% Chelated calcium
compounds that is non-phytotoxic when used as directed. It is immediately available to the leaf and is readily
absorbed by the root system by way of the leaf stomata. SUPER CAL 8 contains no EDTA..

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Exploitative form of agriculture in advanced countries and the introduction of “Green Revolution” in developing countries has caused the harmful effects on the biological potential of the soil resources and the quality of the food produced.



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