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Agriinfotech Inc. is different from other companies. It was owned by the team of Agricultural Scientists and dedicated to the development of long-lasting solutions for the existing incorrect farming.

Mission & Values

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We understand that our long-term commitment with our customers is based largely on the quality of our fertilizers, formulated with the strictest controls and high-quality raw materials, capable of optimizing crop performance. A commitment with which we all win.

1.Improving the inherent capacity of the soil.

2. Increasing the farm productivity without damaging the soil-plant-water ecosystem.

3. Providing need based agro-technology transfer to the World farming communities.


Nature is our source of inspiration to create cutting-edge technology capable of guaranteeing the future of agriculture. Technology innovation and farming intelligence are the prime mission to meet out the clima-change farming

Dr.Ilangovan Ramasamy, Ph.D, President, Agri Infotech , Inc



We are different, Why?

AgriInfoTech,Inc. is owned by the farm scientist, business management experts and environmental scientists.

We follow integrated nutrient, insect and disease management.

IPM-(Integrated Pest Management), INM (Integrated Nutrient Management) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

We are interested in natural resource management areas ,

Eco-friendly Agro Inputs – Sustain Crop Productivity – Sourcing Raw Materials – Poison Free Farming – Linking Old Technology to Newer- Business Organizational Development – Client Relations

Different high quality botanical extracts blend with fine humate of leonardite ore both oxidized ad reduced conditions.

We have special formula for Turf Grass Management, Golf Courses, Lawn Care Industries and Green Houses.
100% Organic Blend With Indian Botanicals having multi properties of pest control, hormonal and nutritional values.
tural resource management areas ,


Agri Consultancy

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Crop Specialty Inputs

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