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Humic acid is a liquid product derived from leonardite, the World best source for humic source obtained
from undisturbed forests in USA. Our proprietary distillation technique is able to extract more amounts of fulvic (43%) and humic acid 14%. Hume acids helps break up clay and compacted soils, assists in
transferring micronutrients from the soil to the plant, enhances water retention, increases seed
germinations rate and percentage, and stimulates development of micro flora populations in soils.

Planning & Strategies

We understand the difficulty in applying plant food to the kitchen garden, interior plants and small lawn in front of the home. This is specially designed for instant use on any house hold plants.

Contains macro (N,P,K) and micro-elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, B, Mo), vitamins and amino acids. This is an instant formula out of organic certified seaweed extract and organic certified micronutrients.

Who We Are

Agriinfotech Inc. is different from other companies. It was owned by the team of Agricultural Scientists and dedicated to the development of long-lasting solutions for the existing incorrect farming.

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