Finance & Restructuring

Young plants need growth right up until maturity, which is usually just before blooming or bud initiation
stage. The plants at this stage need a higher NITROGEN NPK. The Nitrogen element is needed for
growth, along with a proportionate combination of PHOSPHORUS and POTASSIUM. By supplying the
plant with extra nitrogen via foliar sprays you are helping the plant perform to its optimum, by supplying
that extra nitrogen. This can mean quicker looming and healthier plants. 100% water soluble,
homogeneous liquid pH buffered to 7.2. Also contains natural trace elements such as Boron, Iron, Zinc,
Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Sulfur.

Planning & Strategies

Although modern farming has contributed greatly to global food security, it has been
causing serious damage to the ecological base of agriculture. Exploitative form of
agriculture in advanced countries and the introduction of “Green Revolution” in developing countries has caused the harmful effects on the biological potential
of the soil resources and the quality of the food produced.

Who We Are

Agriinfotech Inc. is different from other companies. It was owned by the team of Agricultural Scientists and dedicated to the development of long-lasting solutions for the existing incorrect farming.

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