Along with the immunity development program, design a cost-effective pest control program for each and every crop with special reference to specific pests on specific crops.

Our Product Line:

Repel–It (AIT) – a mixture of herbal products designed as fertilizer formula with insect control. Also controls mildews and moulds.

Wipe-Out (AIT) – a mixture of herbal product designed as fertilizer formula for the control of fungal diseases and insects.

Microbial Pesticides such as Trichoderma, Pseudomonas, Paeciliomycetes, Baevaria, VAM, Verticillium, Metarhizium, and Yellow Sticky traps are also in our IPM program

Phosphonates in disease control


Dr.Roman Pavela, Research Institute of Crop Production, Drnovska 507
Praha 6 – Ruzyne, 161 06, Czech Republic
  • I have done first trials with Pungam oil on aphids. The results are very good.


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