Agri Consultancy

We can also assist with the recovery of assets lost to fraud and identify..

This is another liquid product extracted out of Indian traditional herbals under water
base. It has been recommended as a
nutritional product for organic farming containing all essential nutrients and alkaloids
required for plant growth. Indirectly it imparts immunity in the plant system and has
direct insecticide action on insect. Our research studies stated that it is good against
aphids, jassids, caterpillars, bollworms, borers, leaf miners and mites.

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Crop Speacialty Inputs

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Once you place all these sprays together in a component program you can, with the right
environmental conditions provide the best growing conditions for your crop from planting to harvest. The end results of healthier plants is more markets, better health, better taste, better color, longer shelf life, earlier markets and in many cases more yield. This all means more profits to the farmer.

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Coconut Horosope

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AgriinfoTech’s custom blended hormonal,botanicals designed exclusively for trunk injection through low-pressure capsules or through manual injection devices. We have medicines for, Eriophid mite control, Red palm weevil, Rhinoceros beetle, and Tanjore wilt disease. We render this service to farmers sign up with our consultancy services.

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